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Important in Exams

1) Rs. 1000/-
         Highest denomination Notes in India.
         Banned in 1978.
         Reintroduced in 2000.
         177x33 mm.

2) ATM
         Automatic Teller Machine.
         First Introduced by Barclay Bank, London.
         First ATM in India introduced by HSBC.

3) Credit Card
         Introduced by Dinor's club.
         First introduced in India by Central Bank of India.

4) First Indian Bank that has branch in foreign is Syndicate Bank

5) First Indian Private Bank in Foreign countries is Hinduja

6) In India, Bank of Baroda has more branches in foreign countries.

7) BIS - Bank of International settlements
             Established in 1930   
             Located in Basle, Switzerland
             RBI took membership in 1996

8) Ambudsmen
             Established by RBI  on June 14th, 1995.                  
             To solve the bank Account holders problems.
             11 branches in India



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