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Gist of NCERT - Science - Part 1

Animals which eat only plants are called herbivores.  
Animals which eat only animals are called carnivores. 
Animals which eat both plants as well as other animals are called omnivores.

Some diseases/disorders caused by deficiency of vitamins and minerals
Vitamins / Minerals Deficiency disease/disorder  Symptoms
Vitamin A  Loss of vision Poor vision, loss of vision in darkness(night), sometimes complete loss of vision.
Vitamin B1 Beriberi Weak muscles and very little energy to work.
Vitamin C Scurvy Bleeding gums, wounds take longer time to heal.
Vitamin D Rickets Bones become soft and bent.
Calcium Bone and tooth decay Weak bones, tooth decay.
Iodine Goiter Glands in the neck appear swollen.
Mental disability in children.
Iron  Anaemia Weakness

Notes on Fibre: 
  1. Fabrics are made from yarns, which in turn are made from fibres.
  2. Fibres are either natural or synthetic
  3. Cotton, wool, silk and jute are some natural fibres
  4. Nylon and polyester are some examples of synthetic fibres.
  5. Fibres like cotton and jute are obtained from plants.
  6. The process of making yarn from fibres is called spinning.
  7. Fabric from yarns is made by weaving and knitting.



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