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February 2018 Environment

  • Clean air for Delhi campaign launched to combat pollution
    Environment Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on 11th February strongly reiterated the Centre’s commitment to mitigation of pollution. Launching the Clean Air for Delhi campaign jointly with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the Minister expressed hope that the campaign will not be a symbolic 15-day campaign but will be continued throughout the year. 

    Dr. Harsh Vardhan pointed out the need to use science and technology to combat pollution. He also said the 70 teams that have been constituted have a historic opportunity to get their contribution etched in the fight against pollution. The Minister urged everyone to transform the Clean Air Campaign into a social and national movement. The Campaign will continue for two weeks till 23rd of this month. 

  • Economic Survey expresses concern over air pollution in Delhi
    The Economic Survey has expressed concern over air pollution in Delhi with the onset of winter due to various factor. 

    It has ascribed four main reasons for Delhi’s worsening air quality - crop residue, biomass burning, vehicular emissions and re-distributed road dust, industries, power plants and winter temperature inversion, humidity and absence of wind. 

    It has suggested coordination between agencies and Central and State Governments and sustained civic engagement to address each source problem systematically. 

    The Survey said, the short-term emergency plan is to be implemented when 24-hourly PM 2.5 exceeds 300 to 400 micro-gram per cubic metre, including imposing heavy penalties on burning of agricultural waste, using satellite-based tools to detect fires, payment of incentives to farmers. 

    The medium and long-range actions include implementing congestion pricing for vehicles, improving public transport system and expanding modernized bus fleets, phasing out old vehicles and accelerating BS-VI. 

    The Survey also suggest the use of technology to convert agricultural waste into usable fodder or bio-fuels and provide incentives to shift to non-paddy crops.


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