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January 2018 Environment

  • 2017 warmest ocean on record: Chinese Academy of Sciences
    The temperature of oceans in 2017 reached a record high, putting the marine ecosystems in jeopardy, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) said. 

    Compared to 2015, the extra heat in the upper two kilometers of sea water across the globe in 2017 was 700 times the energy Chinas electricity used in 2016, the CAS said in a report. 

    The Atlantic and Antarctic oceans warmed up the fastest, as warming has already taken place in most of the other seas. 

    The marine ecosystems remain in jeopardy as a result, with coral reefs and the creatures that live on them threatened, researchers at the institute said. 

    The expansion caused by warming contributes to rising of sea levels, while more sea ice and ice shelves will melt and ocean currents will be affected. 

    The heat content of the ocean is a key indicator of climate change. Due to its high specific heat capacity, sea water contains the main signals, as it stores 90 percent of the energy for global warming. 

  • Govt announces $350 mn Solar Development Fund for Solar Projects Financing
    Power and New and Renewable Energy Minister RK Singh has announced a 350 million dollar Solar Development Fund by the government for Solar Projects Financing. 

    Delivering the keynote address at a two-day International Solar Alliance (ISA) Forum in Abu Dhabi, Mr Singh said, India has one of the fastest growing Renewable Energy programmes in the world and would achieve 175 Gigawatt target of installed Renewable Energy capacity well before 2020. 

    The Minister said, over the years, Renewable Energy has become cheaper and is set to replace conventional energy, which is a healthy development. He expressed hope that ISA shall help mobilise sufficient funds for solar energy projects.


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