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September 2017 Environment

  • More than 69 species of butterflies recorded in DelhiFifteen teams from Bombay Natural History Society researched about the multiple species of butterflies. This is the very pleasant news for the butterfly lovers and lepidopterists that the research claims, more than 69 species of butterflies are recorded in NCR. 

    The results got announced on 23rd September in an event in which butterfly enthusiasts were also submitting the names of four butterflies. The Authorities said the newest found species will be declared as the state’s butterfly. 

    Butterflies are the creatures which need sunlight for energy and also known as cold-blooded insects. As they play an important role in an ecosystem, many reports claim that a large number of butterflies shows the sign of a healthy environment. 

    Nature never misses the chance to surprise us. Either there are various beautiful species of snakes, whales, flowers or other animals and plants. All set with cameras and checklists, On 24th September, many people went out to several places in Delhi to participate in one of its own kind of survey. 

    The research was organized by Conservation Education Centre which is Bombay Natural History Society’s city wing, the census was a part of the butterfly month and directed to deliver an accurate and updated list of butterfly species found in the territory. 
  • Climate change threat looms over Latin American coffee producersClimate change is threatening the Latin American zones most favorable for growing coffee, according to a study out that warns seed production could drop by nearly 90 percent by 2050. 

    The study suggests high quality coffees are most at risk -- with Arabica coffee unable to withstand even slight fluctuations in temperature, humidity and sunlight. Robusta coffee, mostly grown in Africa to be made into instant coffee, is slightly more resistant. 

    During the study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), researchers estimated changes in Arabica coffee distribution in Latin America among 39 species of pollinating bees. 

    They concluded a temperature increase of over 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit (two degrees Celsius) by 2050 will reduce seed production by between 73 and 88 percent in locations best known for coffee production at present. A fall in the bee population of eight to 18 percent will also contribute to this decline. 

    The largest production losses are expected in Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela. But it's not all bad news -- as researchers suggested bee population and diversity in other areas is in fact likely to increase. 

    This would contribute to a favorable coffee-growing environment in the likes of Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico, where temperatures in mountainous regions are expected to be more suitable. 
  • Karnataka becomes first Indian state to roll out electric vehicle policyKarnataka is looking to attract investments to the tune of Rs 31,000 crore from companies looking at R&D and manufacturing of electric vehicles in the state. This, at a time when the Centre is using a heavy hand to force automakers to switch to the green technology. 

    Karnataka is the first state to roll out an Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy that looks not only at boosting sales of EVs, but also setting up charging infrastructure and special manufacturing zones. 

    The state estimates that it will be able to create employment for 55,000 individuals over the next few years through the electric vehicle industry. One of the top mandates for Karnataka’s policy is to setup electric vehicle manufacturing zones along with facilities for testing that can be used even by start-ups.


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