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Sep 13, 2018

Current Affairs Set-1

Current Affairs Quiz 1
Current Affairs Quiz 1

  Current Affairs Set-1

Q. Which one of the following country is not a part of RCEP ?
a. India                          b. China                     c. Japan                         d. Iran
Answer : d
 Explanation : RCEP full form is  Regional Comprehensive  Economic Partnership. It is a free trade agreement between  10 ASEAN  countries(Indonesia , Laos , Cambodia , Brunei, Thailand , Singapore ,Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar) and six Asia pacific states like the India ,China ,Japan, Australia , South Korea and New Zealand.

Q. Who is  the 46th  Chief justice of India ?
a. Sumitra Mahajan         b. K.M Joseph        c. Ranjan Gogoi         d. Dipak Mishra
Answer : c
Explanation : Justice Ranjan Gogoi formerly chief justice of  punjab and Haryana High court born in Assam  will soon become the chief justice of India.

Q. The joint military exercise named 'Yudh Abhyas -2018' conducted between
a. India-UK             b. India-China              c. India-USA              d.  India- France
Answer : c
Explanation : Yudh Abhyas-2018 is a joint military exercise which will be conducted between India and USA  in Uttarakhand in the Himalaya's foothills in the month of september which is its 14th Edition till now. The total 350-350 personnel from both the sides will be undergoing this exercise i.e total 700 personnel.

Q. Recently Section-377 was in news , its come under which chapter of the constitution ?
a.Chapter XVI            b. Chapter XI           c. Chapter XIX          d. Chapter  XIV
Answer: a
Explanation : Section 377 of the IPC has recently decriminalised by the five constitution bench of judge. This section is related to the LGBTQ (Lesbian ,Gay, Bisexual , Transgender ,Queer)community. This judgement was based upon Article 14,15,19 and 21.

Q. Recently the 18th Asian Games held in
a.Jakarta and Palembang   b. Punjab and Haryana  c. Indonesia and  Jakarta   d. Johannesburg
Answer : a 
Explanation : The 18th edition of Asian games were held at two cities of Indonesia i.e Jakarta and Palembang.  The mascots of this edition are Bhin-Bhin(A bird of Paradise), Atung (Deer) and Kaka (Rhinoceros). The 19th edition of Asian games will be held in Hangzhou (China) in 2022 .

Q. Recently in 2+2 meeting India signed COMCASA with which country?
a.  Uk                            b.USA                  c. China                        d. Maldives
Answer :b
Explanation : In the month of September India and USA undergone 2+2 meeting where India has signed COMCASA (Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement) which was held in New Delhi .It will increase the strength of  India-USA Defence relation.

Q. The  countries named Iran , Turkey ,Russia  have come together to reduce the usage of  which currency 
a. Dollar     b .Rupee       c. Rubel     d. Lira
Explanation :  The Summit which was held in Tehran where the countries like Turkey , Iran and Russia  talks about the problems faced by them  while trading with other countries due to the  sanctions put on them by the USA . All of the three countries were agreed to reduce the usage of dollar and to increase the usage of local currency. 

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