Sep 14, 2018

Current Affairs Quiz-2

Current Affairs Quiz-2
Current Affairs Quiz-2

Current Affairs Quiz-2

Q. On which date Hindi day is celebrated ?
a. 12 sep              b.26th jan         c.   14th sep          d.21st feb
Ans : 14th September

Q.What was the theme of  World Anti-Suicide Day observed on 10th of september ?
Ans : Working together to prevent Suicide

Q.PM-AASHA  Scheme related to
a.Science         b.Agriculture       c.Farmers         d.Railways
Ans :Farmers

Q. Where is vatican city located ?
a. New York           b. Switzerland           c.Malayasia        d. United States
Ans : Rome (Italy)

Q. Who was the first Vice president of our India ?
a. Dr. Rajendra Prasad         b. Dr. B.R Ambedkar      c. Dr. Saravapalli Radhakrishnan        d.Jawaharlal Nehru
Ans :Dr. Saravapalli Radhakrishnan

Q.What is the capital of Rwanda  and its currency ?
a.Washington & Dollar    b. Tokya & Yen   c. Jakarta and  Indonesian Rupaih    d.Kigali & Rwandan Franc
Ans : Kigali  and Rwandan Franc

Q. What is name of the first military exercise which is conducted by BIMSTEC ?
a.Yudh-Abhyas 2018      b.MILEX-18         c. Maitree       d. Operation Madad
Ans : MILEX-2018

Q.Which ministry of our country has first launched the National  Scholarship Portal App ?
a. Human Resource    b. Railway Ministry     c. Civil Aviation    d. Minority Affairs
Ans : The ministry of Minority Affairs

Q.Which company has built country's  India's first ocean surveillance ship ?
a.Mazagon Dock Limited    b. The HSL    c. Naval dockyard    d. Garden Reach Shipbuilders
Ans :The  HSL (Hindustan  Shipyard Limited)

Q.Which organization released the monthly report of IIP  ( Index of Industrial production ) ?
a.WHO     b.WIPO      c.  The CSO       d.Unicef
Ans :The  CSO(Central Statistical Organization)

Q. The Government of which state has banned the sale  and manufacture of e-cigrates ?
a. Kerela     b. Tamilnadu      c. Orissa      d. Visakhapatnam
Ans : Tamilnadu

Q. Where is Bhaba Atomic Research Centre located ?
a. Mumbai      b.New Delhi      c. Kolkata      d. London
Ans: Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Q.The Akhaura-Agartala railway project signed by which two countries ?
a. India-USA          b. UK-China           c.India - Bangladesh        d. USA- Russia
Ans : India -Bangladesh

Q. The  joint-military exercise Nomadic Elephant-2018 conducted between which two countries ?
a. Chinia-Nepal   b.Nepal-India     c.India- Mongolia     d. India- USA
Ans : India- Mongolia

Q.Which of the following country is not participating  in the first military exercise of BIMSTEC  which is going to be held in pune, Maharashtra ?
a. UK           b.  Maldives           c. Nepal           d.India
Ans : Nepal

Q.The Kempegowda  International Airport is in which state ?
a. Kerela       b. Tamilnadu        c. Goa          d.Bengaluru
Ans : Bengaluru,The Capital of Karnataka

Q. Name the joint naval exercise which is conducted between India and Srilanka at Trinocomalee ?
a.  MILEX-18       b. Yudh Abhyas-18     c. Nomadi Elephant-18    d. SLINEX-18
Ans : SLINEX-18

Q. Which one of the following has launched the new search engine for  scientific community ?
a. Yahoo          b. Bing         c. Google            d. Safari
Ans : Google

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