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Sep 15, 2018

Current Affairs Set-3

Current Affairs Quiz-3

Note : Its my humble request to all my readers ,if you found some mistakes or errors , please write it in the comment below so that we can correct it. As we are humans and we do mistakes so please pardon us ....You can give feedback to us any time you want . Thank U readers!!!! Current Affairs Quiz-3 Q. Recently the Lombak Island was in news because of deadly earthquake, Where this Island is situated ?
a. USA    b. South Africa    c. Indonesia    d. Maldives   
Q. Where did the 9th summit of BRICS was held ?
a. India    b. South Africa    c. China    d. Qatar   
Q. India is going to take S-400 aircraft weapon system from which country ?
a. Russia    b. South Africa    c. China    d. Qatar   
Q.What is name of the joint military exercise between Nepal and China ?
a. Yudh Abyas-18    b. Nomadic Elephant-18    c. maitree    d. Sagarmatha Friendship-18   
Q. Under which scheme of the govt. has decided to increase the MSP to 1.5 times the production cost ?
a. PMKVY    b. PMJDY    c. PM-AASHA    d. RSBY   
Q. Name the new Chief Justice of India ?
a. Jawarlal Nehru    b. Vinod Rai    c. Ranjan Gogoi    d. Urjit Patel   
Q. Which of the following is related with NPA(Non Performing Asset)?
a.Bad Loans    b. Bank Loans    c.Mutual funds    d.Equity fund   

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