Current Affairs September-2018

Current Affairs September-2018

Current Affairs September-2018

Q1. Which one of the following country is not a part of RCEP ?
a. India                          b. China                     c. Japan                         d. Iran
Answer : d
 Explanation : RCEP full form is  Regional Comprehensive  Economic Partnership. It is a free trade agreement between  10 ASEAN  countries(Indonesia , Laos , Cambodia , Brunei, Thailand , Singapore ,Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar) and six Asia pacific states like the India ,China ,Japan, Australia , South Korea and New Zealand.

Q2. Who is  the 46th  Chief justice of India ?a. Sumitra Mahajan         b. K.M Joseph        c. Ranjan Gogoi         d. Dipak Mishra
Answer : c
Explanation : Justice Ranjan Gogoi formerly chief justice of  punjab and Haryana High court born in Assam  will soon become the chief justice of India.

Q3. The joint military exercise named 'Yudh Abhyas -2018' conducted between
a. India-UK             b. India-China              c. India-USA              d.  India- France
Answer : c
Explanation : Yudh Abhyas-2018 is a joint military exercise which will be conducted between India and USA  in Uttarakhand in the Himalaya's foothills in the month of september which is its 14th Edition till now. The total 350-350 personnel from both the sides will be undergoing this exercise i.e total 700 personnel.

Q4. Recently Section-377 was in news , its come under which chapter of the constitution ?
a.Chapter XVI            b. Chapter XI           c. Chapter XIX          d. Chapter  XIV
Answer: a
Explanation : Section 377 of the IPC has recently decriminalised by the five constitution bench of judge. This section is related to the LGBTQ (Lesbian ,Gay, Bisexual , Transgender ,Queer)community. This judgement was based upon Article 14,15,19 and 21.

Q5. Recently the 18th Asian Games held in
a.Jakarta and Palembang   b. Punjab and Haryana  c. Indonesia and  Jakarta   d. Johannesburg
Answer : a 
Explanation : The 18th edition of Asian games were held at two cities of Indonesia i.e Jakarta and Palembang.  The mascots of this edition are Bhin-Bhin(A bird of Paradise), Atung (Deer) and Kaka (Rhinoceros). The 19th edition of Asian games will be held in Hangzhou (China) in 2022 .

Q6. Recently in 2+2 meeting India signed COMCASA with which country?
a.  Uk                            b.USA                  c. China                        d. Maldives
Answer :b
Explanation : In the month of September India and USA undergone 2+2 meeting where India has signed COMCASA (Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement) which was held in New Delhi .It will increase the strength of  India-USA Defence relation.

Q7. The  countries named Iran , Turkey ,Russia  have come together to reduce the usage of  which currency 
a. Dollar     b .Rupee       c. Rubel     d. Lira
Explanation :  The Summit which was held in Tehran where the countries like Turkey , Iran and Russia  talks about the problems faced by them  while trading with other countries due to the  sanctions put on them by the USA . All of the three countries were agreed to reduce the usage of dollar and to increase the usage of local currency. 

Q8. On which date Hindi day is celebrated ?
a. 12 sep              b.26th jan         c.   14th sep          d.21st feb
Ans : 14th September

Q9.What was the theme of  World Anti-Suicide Day observed on 10th of september ?
Ans : Working together to prevent Suicide

Q10.PM-AASHA  Scheme related toa.Science         b.Agriculture       c.Farmers         d.Railways
Ans :Farmers

Q11. Where is vatican city located ?
a. New York           b. Switzerland           c.Malayasia        d. United States
Ans : Rome (Italy)

Q12. Who was the first Vice president of our India ?
a. Dr. Rajendra Prasad         b. Dr. B.R Ambedkar      c. Dr. Saravapalli Radhakrishnan        d.Jawaharlal Nehru
Ans :Dr. Saravapalli Radhakrishnan

Q13.What is the capital of Rwanda  and its currency ?
a.Washington & Dollar    b. Tokya & Yen   c. Jakarta and  Indonesian Rupaih    d.Kigali & Rwandan Franc
Ans : Kigali  and Rwandan Franc

Q14. What is name of the first military exercise which is conducted by BIMSTEC ?
a.Yudh-Abhyas 2018      b.MILEX-18         c. Maitree       d. Operation Madad
Ans : MILEX-2018

Q15.Which ministry of our country has first launched the National  Scholarship Portal App ?
a. Human Resource    b. Railway Ministry     c. Civil Aviation    d. Minority Affairs
Ans : The ministry of Minority Affairs

Q16.Which company has built country's  India's first ocean surveillance ship ?
a.Mazagon Dock Limited    b. The HSL    c. Naval dockyard    d. Garden Reach Shipbuilders
Ans :The  HSL (Hindustan  Shipyard Limited)

Q17.Which organization released the monthly report of IIP  ( Index of Industrial production ) ?
a.WHO     b.WIPO      c.  The CSO       d.Unicef
Ans :The  CSO(Central Statistical Organization)

Q18. The Government of which state has banned the sale  and manufacture of e-cigrates ?
a. Kerela     b. Tamilnadu      c. Orissa      d. Visakhapatnam
Ans : Tamilnadu

Q19. Where is Bhaba Atomic Research Centre located ?
a. Mumbai      b.New Delhi      c. Kolkata      d. London
Ans: Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Q20.The Akhaura-Agartala railway project signed by which two countries ?
a. India-USA          b. UK-China           c.India - Bangladesh        d. USA- Russia
Ans : India -Bangladesh

Q21. The  joint-military exercise Nomadic Elephant-2018 conducted between which two countries ?
a. Chinia-Nepal   b.Nepal-India     c.India- Mongolia     d. India- USA
Ans : India- Mongolia

Q22.Which of the following country is not participating  in the first military exercise of BIMSTEC  which is going to be held in pune, Maharashtra ?
a. UK           b.  Maldives           c. Nepal           d.India
Ans : Nepal

Q23.The Kempegowda  International Airport is in which state ?
a. Kerela       b. Tamilnadu        c. Goa          d.Bengaluru
Ans : Bengaluru,The Capital of Karnataka

Q24. Name the joint naval exercise which is conducted between India and Srilanka at Trinocomalee ?
a.  MILEX-18       b. Yudh Abhyas-18     c. Nomadi Elephant-18    d. SLINEX-18
Ans : SLINEX-18
Q25. Which one of the following has launched the new search engine for  scientific community ?
a. Yahoo          b. Bing         c. Google            d. Safari
Ans : Google

Q26. Dead zones are the area of low oxygen concentration which does not support life . Here the word dead zone is used for ?
a. Hilly areas        b. restricted areas    c. Oceans and rivers      d.Barmuda triangle
Ans : Oceans and Rivers

Q27.Who is the new Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha ?
a. Harivansh Narayan Singh   b. Suresh Prabhu   c. C.P Thakur    d. Shri R. K Sinha
Ans :harivansh Narayan Singh

Q28. Where is Okinoshima Island is located ?a. India   b. China    c. Japan    d. North Korea
Ans :Japan

Q29. The disease named "Scrub Typus " is news recently is caused by -
a. bacteria    b. Parasite    c. Virus    d. Infection
Ans : Parasite

Q30. On which day International Democracy Day is celebrated  ?
a. 10 Aug     b. 15 Sep     c.15 Nov    d. 1 Dec
Ans : 15 Sep

Q31. The first tribal circuit under swadesh darshan scheme is implemented at-
a. Goa    b. Madya Pradesh     c. Chattisgarh    d. Rajasthan
Ans : Chattisgarh

Q32. Where did the Global Climate Action Summit was held ?a. New York    b. South Africa    c. Norway      d. Maldives 
Ans : San -Francisco, California

Q33. The KAZIND-2018 joint military army exercise will be between -
a. India-USA   b. India-Kazakhstan    c. USA- China       d. USA- Kazakhastan
Ans : India- Kazakhstan

Q34. Which Indian film of Bollywood has become first movie to be released in Saudi Arabia ?
a. Gandhi    b.  Slumdog Millionare     c. Gold    d. La La Land
Ans : Gold

Q35.Which of the following has launched Grofen-11 which is an earth observational satellite ?
a. India      b. USA     c. Russia     d. China
Ans : China

Q36. The " Mukhyamantri Kanya Uttham Yojana " for girl child launched by which state ?
a. Punjab      b. Bihar       c. Karnataka        d. Rajasthan
Ans : Bihar

Q37. Baiga  tribes belongs to which state ?
a. Maharashtra    b. Rajasthan   c. Madhya Pradesh    d. Goa
Ans : Madhya Pradesh

Q38. Which of the following community who fled from Mizoram to Tripura because of inter community violence ?
a. Baiga tribes     b. Bru community    c. Bhil     d. Gond
Ans : Bru community

Q39.The App named "cVigil" launched by
a. Finance commission    b. Election commission    c. Planning commission   d. National Development Council
Ans : Election Commission

Q40.The Article 371A is a special provision which is granted to-
a. Assam    b. Nagaland    c. Maharashtra     d. Sikkim
Ans : Nagaland

Q41. How many Biospheres reserve are included in World Network of Biosphere Reserve from India ?
Ans : 11

Q42. Which biosphere reserve was added to the WNBR for the first time in the year 2000 ?
Ans : Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

Q43.Where is Kanchanjunga Biosphere reserve is located ?Ans : Sikkim

Q44. How many countries are present in  BRICS  nations?
Ans : Five Countries

Q45.The National Development bank is mainly operated by-
Ans: BRICS nations

Q46. The term NRC stands for -
Ans : National Register of Citizens

Q47. Name the policy where no students can be failed or expelled from the school till the completion of the elementary education ?
Ans : No Detention Policy

Q48. The Article 35A was related to the issue of which state ?
Ans : Jammu & Kashmir

Q.49 Recently ISRO has launched two foreign satellites of which country ?
Ans : UK
Q50. The ICESat-2 satellite of NASA earth's observing satellite launched from-
Ans : California

Q51. The India and Russia joint air exercise named " AviaIndra-18" held in -
Ans : Lipetsk,Russia

Q52. Recently Health Ministry has launched web based application called Nikshay 2.0 version  for monitoring of
Ans: TB patients

Q53. Which two country has signed  Air Services Agreement for a greater air connectivity ?
Ans : India & Morocco

Q.54 Which portal is recently launched by the Ministry of Home Affairs to bring greater transparency in clearances to business proposals related to the sensitive sectors and geographical locations ?
Ans :  e-Sahaj portal

Q55. The Food and Agriculture Organization has launched agriculture projects in how many states ?
Ans : 5 states

Q56. Who is the chairman of Atomic Energy Commission and secretary of Department of Atomic energy ?
Ans: Scientist Kamlesh Nilkanth Vyas

Q57. Which country has released the draft of Cooling Action Plan ?
Ans : India

Q58. Which country has rolled out world's first hydrogen powered passenger train?
Ans : Germany

Q59. Which two countries has signed three MOU's in the field of Maritime Cooperation , Tourism and Training ?
Ans : India and Malta

Q60. The 7th UNWTO Global Summit on Urban Tourism was held in
Ans : Seoul, South Korea

Q61. The ISRO has inaugurated S-Band Polarimetry  Doppler weather Radar from-
Ans : Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh

Q62. Name the India's  first underwater robotic  drone handed over to NPOL of DRDO ?
Ans : EyeROV  TUNA

Q63. Which International Airport has awarded with world's No- 1 Airport in 5- 15 million passengers per annum category ?
Ans : Hyderabad International Airport

Q64. The first General Assembly of International Solar Alliance will be inaugurated on
Ans : New Delhi on 2nd October

Q65. Who is the Secretary General of United Nation ?
Ans : Antonio Guterres

Q66.Name the scheme which will provide Rs 5 lakhs to each family per year and will be allowed to avail benefits cashless from any public or  authorized private hospitals ?
Ans : Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya  Yojana (PM-JAY)

Q67. Name the cyclonic storm that hits  South Odisha and its neighbourhood ?

Q68.The Mahatma Gandhi statue unveiled by Ram Nath Kovind  in which country ?
Ans : Sofia ,Bulgaria

Q69. How much outlay is allocated to  Capacity Development Scheme ?
Ans : 2250 crore

Q70. A web portal launched by our Railway Minister Piyush Goyal to contribute to the amenities near railway stations through corporate social responsibility funds?
Ans : Rail Sahyog

Q71. The first Bus service between India and Nepal flagged from -
Ans : 4 buses from Patna  to  Janakpur   and 4 buses from  Bodhgaya to Kathmandu

Q72. The  "One District One Product " scheme launched in which state ?
Ans : Uttar Pradesh

Q73. The International Peace day is celebrated on
Ans : 21st September

Q74. What is the the theme of International Peace Day for the year 2018 ?
Ans :  The theme is - "The Right to Peace"- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70

Q75. Nirjana Varadhi is the autobiography of  which revolutionery leader ?
Ans : Kondapalli  Koteswaramma

Q76. What was the theme of the 7th United Nation World Tourism Organization Global Summit on Urban Tourism?
Ans : Theme - A 2030 Vision for Urban Tourism

Q77. Where will be the 8th UNWTO Global Summit on Urban Tourism 2019 will be held ?
Ans : Astana , kazakhstan

Q.78 The Web portal named "Budget Dashboard" to provide information on budget, expenditure and bill payment launched by which ministry ?
Ans : Ministry of  Health & family Welfare

Q79. The tallest mountain of North Korea which was recently in news -
Ans : Mount Paektu
Q80. The country North Korea share its boundaries with -
Ans : China , Russia and South Korea

Q81. Which two committees were related to Western Ghats ?
Ans : Madhav Gadgil Committee and  Kasturiranjan Committee

Q82. On which date World Rhino Day is celebrated ?
Ans : 22nd September

Q83. The Govt. of which has launched  "Swayangsiddha " to fight against human trafficking ?
Ans: West Bengal

Q84. The Green Agriculture Project which is being funded by GEF(Global Environment Facility) allocated with how much outlay ?Ans : $33.5 Million

Q85. Name the states where the Green Agriculture Project will be implemented ?
Ans : Madhya Pradesh , Mizoram , Odisha , Rajasthan , Uttarakhand

Q86.The skill India Campaign was  launched by Shri Narendra Modi on-
Ans : 15 july 2015

Q87. Which panel has given the concept of data mirroring or the local storage of a copy  of user's data ?
Ans : Sri Krishna panel committee

Q88.hich country is going to join CPEC and will become its third partner ?
Ans : Saudi Arabia

Q89. Which state has announced the scheme for the protection of exotic Neela Kurinji plants ?
Ans : Tamilnadu

Q90. Who is appointed as the new chairman of the Steel Authority of India Limited?
Ans : Anil Kumar Chaudhary

Q91. How much India has contributed to the United Nation Solar Project ?
Ans :  $1  Million

Q92. Who has win India's first ever Bridge Gold ?
Ans : Pranab Bardhan and  Shibnath Sarkar

Q93.The International Aviation Summit was held in
Ans : New Delhi

Q94.The Supreme Court of India has decriminalised which Section of the India Penal Code ?
Ans : Section 377

Q95.Who is the brand  Ambassador of BSNL ?
Ans : Mary  Kom

Q96. The " AAPORTI " mobile app of Indian Railway E-Procurement System launched by
Ans : Shri Piyush Goyal

Q97. The International Literacy Day is celebrated annually on -
Ans : 8th September

Q98. Who beats Serena Williams to win US open ?
An s: Naomi Osaka of japan

Q99. Who is appointed as the Sport Ambassador of Assam ?
Ans : Hima Das (Ace Sprinter)

Q100. Name the first research reactor in Asia which become operational  in Trombay Campus of  BARC ?
Ans : Apsara- Uranium Reactor
Q101. Which country has launched its biggest military exercise  VOSTOK-2018 since the cold war ?
Ans : Russia

Q102. On which day Engineers Day is celebrated ?
Ans : 15th September

Q103. The festival of Nuakhai is celebrated in which state -
Ans : Odisha

Q104. Where is the HQ of United Nation  Security Council ?
Ans : New York

Q105. Name the recent movie which has recently choosen for India's official entry to Oscar-2019 ?
Ans : Village Rockstars - Directed By Rima Das

Q106. Name the India's 100th Airport which has been inaugurated recently by Shri Narendra Modi  ?
Ans : Sikkim

Q107. Name the first ever Airport  in the state which has become 100th Airport ?Ans :The Pakyong Airport in  Sikkim

Q108. Recently the merger of Vijaya Bank, Dena Bank and the Bank of Baroda  announced by  which ministry to prevent the problem of NPA's ?
Ans : Finance Minister

Q109. When is the first Internetional Day of Sign languages observed globally ?
Ans : On 23rd September

Q110. Name the country which has made world's first hydrogenpowered trains ?
Ans : Germany

Q111.Name the defence vehicle which has test fired by India successfully ?
Ans : Pritvi Defence Vehicle

Q112. The "Prithvi Defence Vehicle "  launched from which island and where it is located ?
Ans : Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha

Q113. Which country has become the World's  1st country to double its tiger population before 2022 ?
Ans : Nepal

Q114. Which country has become the 3rd partner of CPEC ?
Ans : Saudi Arabia

Q115. Where is Kishau Dam ?
Ans : Haryana and it is over Tons river

Q.116 Who has written the biography of A.R Rahman named "Notes of a Dream" ?
Ans : Written by Krishna Trilok

Q117. The festival Indrajatra is celebrated in which state ?
Ans :Kathmandu ,Nepal

Q118. The 44th Indian International Science Festival ,IISF inaugurated in -
Ans: Lucknow
Q119. Which Island in Odisha has been renamed in the name of "Abdul Kalm Island"?
Ans : Wheeler Island

Q120. Which online tool has been developed by IIT- kanpur to help people with the issue related to the mental health ?
Ans : TreadWill

Q121. The world Tourism Day is celebrated on
Ans : On 27th September

Q122. Which International Airport has been awarded as the UN Champions of the Earth Award ?
Ans : Cochin International Airport

Q123. Which policy is recently approved by cabinet which aims to provide universal broadband connectivity at 50 Mbps to every citizen ?
Ans : National Digital Communication Policy

Q124. A mobile application named "Jan Dhan Darshak" is recently launched by -
Ans : Finance Minister  (Arun Jaitley)

Q125. Which country has signed a Mou on the cooperation in the sphere of Law and Justice ?
Ans : India & Uzbekistan

Q126. India's first exclusive and certified Dog Park having exercise equipment and dog training has come up in -
Ans : Hyderabad

Q127. The Mob Violence Control and Prohibition Bill recently introduced in which state ?
Ans :Manipur

Q128. The Paryatan Parv-2018 in collaboration with other other central ministeries  organized byAns : Ministry of Tourism

Q129. The World Heritage Cuisine Summit -2018 will be hosted by  which country-
Ans : India

Q130. MP-ATGM missile  test recently conducted by which organization

Q131. Who is now the new prime minister of Sudan ?
Ans : Moutaz Mousa Abdallah

Q132. Which nation has become the  9th  country which has launched  National Registry of  Sexual Offenders
Ans : India

Q133. Which Indian state have the highest adult HIV prevalence among states in  last year ?
Ans : Mizoram

Q134. ISRO's first space Technology Incubation Centre was inaugurated in -
Ans : Tripura

Q135. Who is the current Chief Vigilance Commissioner ?
Ans : K.V Chowdhary

Q136. Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary or Kulik Wildlife Sanctuary is located in
Ans : West Bengal

Q137. Which country has recently put sanction on China for buying Russian weapons ?
Ans : USA

Q138. Which country has purchased Su-35 and S-400 surface-to-air missile system from Russia ?
Ans : China

Q139. The USA has threatens  sanctions on -
Ans : International Criminal Court

Q140. India's first Tribal Circuit Project  launched in
Ans : Chhatisgarh

Q141. Alaknanda Luxury Cruise recently launched in
Ans : Varanasi

Q142. The Chagos Archipelago Islands dispute is between which countries ?
Ans : UK and Mauritius

Q143. The NRI bonds are mainly issued by -
Ans : Reserve Bank of India

Q144. Which three public sector banks will get merged  into a single bank to solve NPA related problems ?
Ans : Dena bank , Vijaya Bank and Bank of Baroda

Q145. What is the full form of NPA ?
Ans : Non- Performing Assests
Q146. Which bollywood personality signed as the brand ambassador of the Skill India Campaign ?
Ans : Varun Dhawan and Anuksha Sharma

Q147. On which day World Alzheimer's Day is celebrated ?
Ans : 21st September

Q148. Which two country has recently signed agreement in area of petroleum and gas ?
Ans : Romania

Q149. Which two country has signed an agreement to denuclearised Korean Penninsula ?
Ans : North Korea and South Korea

Q150. Who has become the Sudan's new Prime Minister ?
Ans : Moutaz Mousa Abdallah

Q151. Which of the state has announced a scheme for the protection of the exotic Neela Kurinji ?
Ans : Tamilnadu

Q152. The e-FIR or dial-FIR scheme was launched by-
Ans : UP Police

Q153. Which state government has name the newly built Jharsuguda Airport ?
Ans :  Odisha Government

Q154. Who is the ambassadors of "Skill India Campaign" ?
Ans : Anushka Sharma- Actoress & Varun Dhawan- Actor

Q155. Which section has been recently scrapped by the Supreme Court which was the reflection of social dominance of men ?
Ans : Section-497

Q156. The Article-35 was related to the constitution of -
Ans : Jammu & Kashmir

Q157. Name the typhoon that hits Japan ?
Ans : Japan

Q158. The  Supreme Court verdict has allowed the entry of a women to which temple  ?
Ans : Sabrimala Temple

Q159. Which state  government has decided to introduce a "Universal old age pension scheme" to cover all BPL and APL ration card  which are above the  age of  60 yrs ?
Ans : Assam

Q160. Who has launche the App - Jan Dhan Darshak ?
Ans : Arun Jaitley

Q161. Who has written the book name -"The Beauty of all my Days" ?
Ans : Ruskin Bond

Q162. Recently the Lombak Island  was in news because of deadly earthquake, Where this Island is situated ?
a. USA   b. South Africa  c. Indonesia    d. Maldives
Answer :"Indonesia"

Q163. Where did the 9th summit of BRICS was held ?
a. India   b. South Africa c. China   d. Qatar
Answer : China

Q164. India is going to take S-400  aircraft weapon system from which country ?
a. Russia  b. South Africa  c. China     d. Qatar 
Answer : Russia

Q165.What is name of the joint military exercise between Nepal and China ?
a. Yudh Abyas-18  b. Nomadic Elephant-18  c. maitree d. Sagarmatha Friendship-18 
Answer : "Sagarmatha Frienship-18"

Q166. Under which scheme of the govt. has decided to increase the MSP to 1.5 times the production cost ?
a. PMKVY   b. PMJDY   c. PM-AASHA  d. RSBY 
 Answer : PM-AASHA

Q167. Name the new Chief Justice of India ?
a. Jawarlal Nehru    b. Vinod Rai    c. Ranjan Gogoi   d.  Urjit Patel
Answer : Ranjan Gogoi

Q168. Which of the following is related with NPA(Non Performing Asset)?
a.Bad Loans    b. Bank Loans     c.Mutual funds  d.Equity fund
Answer : Bad Loans
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