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Sep 27, 2018

History Quiz-4

History Quiz-4
History Quiz-4

Q. When did Harappan Civilization was first discovered ?
Ans : 1921

Q.Who had discovered Harappa Site ?
Ans : Dayaram Sahni in the year 1921

Q. Who had discovered the site "Mohanjodaro" ?
Ans : R.D Banerji

Q. In the era of Indus Valley Civilisation , the city was divided into west and east lower town called ?
Ans : Citadel

Q.Which city in Indus Valley Civilisation did not had citadel ?
Ans :  Chanhudara

Q. Which city was divided into three parts in Indua Valley Civilization ?
Ans : Bholavira

Q. In Bronze age civilization , Barter system was known as -
Ans : Exchanging of goods

Q. The site "Kalibangan" in Rajasthan was discovered by-
Ans : A.Ghosh in the year 1953

Q. In which site of IVC we generally see the bones of horses, oval grave and port burials ?
Ans : Surkotada in Gujarat

Q.Name the smallest city in IVC(Indus Valley Civilization) ?
Ans : Allahdino

Q. The Vanity Box and Dice were found in which site of IVC ?
An s: Harappa

Q. The site "Mohenjodaro" was also known as -
Ans : Mound of Dead

Q. In which site of IVC , we see the dancing girl, Great bath and Great Grainery ?
Ans : Mohenjodaro in Sind

Q. In the era of IVC ,every city had drainage system except one city - Name it ?
Ans : Banavali

Q. The Harappa site sometimes also referred as a-
Ans : Battling Spot

Q. Name the 4 Vedas ?
Ans : Rigveda ,Yajurveda, Samaveda and  Atharvaveda

Q. Which of the veda has a collection of spells and Charms ?
Ans : Atharvaveda

Q. Which veda has a collection of songs ?
Ans : Samaveda

Q. Out of four vedas , which one is the oldest ?
Ans : Rigveda

Q. How many Hymns of Praise are present in Rigveda ?
Ans : 1028 hymns of praise

Q. The Vedic age is also known as -
Ans : Aryans Age

Q.In the later vedic age , the priest were divided into how many groups ?
Ans : Four groups which is known as Varnas

Q. Name the four Varnas ?
Ans : Brahmanins , Kshatriyas , Vaishyas and Sudras

Q.Name the teacher of Buddha (Gautam Buddha) ?
Ans : Alara & Udarak

Q. Name the disciples of Buddha(Gautam Buddha) ?
Ans : Prasenjit , Bimbisara & Ajatsatru

Q. The Buddhist Literature were mainly written in-
Ans : Pali language

Q. What do you mean by Chaitya ?
Ans : A Prayer Hall

Q. Name the Buddha's Faviourite horse ?
Ans : Kanthaka  & Charioteer- Channa

Q. Name the place where Gautam Buddha passed away ?
Ans : Kusinara (U.P)

Q. With whom Gautam Buddha was married ?
Ans : Yashodhara

Q. The term "Tripitakas" also known as -
Ans : Three Fold Basket

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