Sep 9, 2018

History Quiz

History Quiz
History Quiz

Modern History Quiz

Q. Who started Non-Cooperation Movement ?
Ans : Mahatma Gandhiji

Q. During Non-Cooperation Movement who was the viceroy of the British India ?
Ans : Lord Chelmsford

Q. In which year Non-Cooperation Movement was launched ?
Ans : 1920

Q. The reason for the suspension of the Non-Cooperation Movement was ?
Ans : Mob Violence (Chauri Chaura incident)

Q. What was the major weapon of the Non-Cooperation Movement ?
Ans : Non Violence

Q. Where did Chauri Chaura incident takes place ?
Ans : Gorakhpur District of Uttar Pradesh

Q. Who was the leader of Quit India Movement?
Ans :Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Q. What was the slogan of Quit India Movement ?
Ans : Quit India

Q. When was Quit India Movement launched ?
Ans : 1942

Q. Who gave the slogan Jai Hind ?
Ans : Subhash Chandra Bose

Q. The slogan "Do or Die " was given in which movement ?
Ans : Quit India Movement

Q. Viceroy at the time of Quit India Movement was
Ans : Lord Linlithgow

Q. The Civil Disobedience Movement  was started in
Ans : 1930

Q. When did Dandi March started ?
Ans : 12 march 1930

Q. Who was known as "Frontier Gandhi" ?
Ans : Khan Abul Gafar Khan

Q. The three round table conferences were held in
Ans : London

Q. Who founded "Forward Block" party in 1939 ?
Ans : Subhas Chandra Bose

Q. The Govt. of  India Act-1919 also known as
Ans : Montague-Chelmsford

Q. Who is known as the father of Indian National Congress ?
Ans : A.O Hume

Q. Who was the first speaker of the Independent India's Lok Sabha ?
Ans : G.V Mavalankar

Q. Cabinet Mission came to India in
Ans : 1946

Q. When did Muslim League formed ?
Ans : 1906

Q. Who was first viceroy of India ?
Ans : Lord Canning

Q.Who was the father of Local self government in India ?
Ans: Lord Rippon

Q. Who abolished Sati Pratha ?
Ans : William Bentick

Q. The cabinet mission plan was headed by
Ans :Lord Pathik Lawrence

Q.When did the famous Jallianwala Bagh Massacre took place?
Ans : 13th April ,1919

Q. What was the major cause of failure of 1857 revolt ?
Ans : Lack of planning and leadership

Q. From which place Mahatma Gandhi started Dandi March ?
Ans : From Sabarmati Ashram

Q.When did the Gandhi-Irwin pact was signed ?
Ans :On 1931

Q.Who declared the practice of Saati as a illegal activity ?
Ans : Lord William Bentick

Q. Who was known as the Last Guru of the Sikhs ?
Ans : Guru Govind Singh

Q. The Historical work of Ain-Ai-Akbari was written by
Ans : Abul Fazl

Q.Who built the mosque 'Quwwat-ul-Islam' ?
Ans : Qutubuddin Aibak

Q. The movement of Civil Obedience is also known as
Ans : Salt Satyagraha

Q. Where is 'Moti Masjid ' situated ?
Ans : Agra

Q.Who had become the leader of theosophical movement in year 1893 ?
Ans : Annie Besant

Q.When did the Ilbert Bill passed ?
Ans :1883

Q.Which revolt in our Indian history also known as the first war of Indian Independence ?
Ans : The revolt of 1857

Q. The 'Doctrine of Lapse' was given by -
Ans : Lord Dalhousie

Q.Who had introduced the new revenue system of "permanent settlement of Bengal" in 1793 ?
Ans : Lord Cornwallis

Q. The Gandhi-Irwin Pact of 1931 is also known as -
Ans : Delhi Pact

Q. The partition of Bengal took place on-
Ans : 1905

Q.The governance of India passed to the British Crown through which Act ?
Ans : The Govt. of India Act -1858

Q. Who built the famous Red fort ?
Ans : Shahjahan

Q. Who was the founder of the Indian Assosiation ?
Ans : Surendra Nath Banerjee

Q.Name the first governor general of Bengal ?
Ans : Warren Hasting

Q. When did Vande Mataram  sung at the Indian National Congress's session ?
Ans :On  1896

Q.  Which was the first state to be annexed by Doctorine of Lapse ?
Ans : Satara

Q. Who was known as the political guru of  the Mahatma Gandhi ?
Ans : Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Q.The famous newspaper named "The Leader " published by
Ans : Madan Mohan Malviya

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