Sep 13, 2018

Polity Quiz

Polity Quiz
Polity Quiz

Politics Quiz

Q. Which Article describes India as a "Union of States" ?
a. Article 3      b.Article 21       c. Article 14       d. Article 1
Answer : d

Q. Part II of Indian constitution deals with
a. DPSP    b.Citizenship    c. Preamble    d.Fundamental Rights
Answer : b

Q. The Rights against exploitation comes under Articles-
a. Article(12-35)     b.Article(23 & 24)    c.Article(36-51)    d.Articles(25-28)
Answer : b

Q. The parliamentary form of govt. take from which country ?
a. USA         b. China            c. Britain          d. Germany
Answer : c

Q. An Indian citizen can loss citizenship by
a. By descent      b. By Renunciation      c. By Naturalization   d. By Registration
Answer : b

Q.The 'Right to property' was removed by which amendment
a.42nd  Amendment    b.86th Amendment  c.44th Amendment  d.91st Amendment
Answer : c

Q. The 'Article 51' comes under -
a. Fundamental Rights     b.Fundamental Duties      c.Preamble     d.DPSP
Answer : d

Q.When did Drafting Committee of Constituent Assemble set up ?
a. 29 Aug 1947        b. 26 Nov 1949        c.26 Jan 1950          d.15 Aug 1947
Answer :  a

Q.Our constitution comes into force on-
a. 26 Jan 1949        b.26 Jan 1950        c.15 Aug 1947          d.14 Aug 1950
Answer : b

Q. The chairman of the drafting committee of the constituent Assembly  was
a. Dr. Rajendra Prasad    b. Dr. B.R Ambedkar    c. Jawaharlal Nehru   d.Mahatma Gandhi
Answer : b

Q. How many schedules were there in our constitution previously ?
a. 11 schedules      b.8 schedules         c.12 schedules         d.15 schedules
Answer : 8 schedules

Q. The formation of new states from the existing states comes under Article-
a. Article  21                b. Article 24           c. Article 51A           d. Article 3
Answer :Article 3

Q. Our fundamental rights get suspended at the time of National Emergency ,from which country we have adopted these provisions ?
a.  UK                     b. USA                      c. South Africa                d. Weimar
Answer :  d

Q. The  emergency which takes place Nationally comes under Article-
a. Article 360            b. Article 352               c. Article  365            d. Article 356
Answer : b

Q. We have adopted 'Directive Principles of  State Policy' from
a. USA                    b. Russia                c. French                  d. Irish
Answer : d

Q. The "Uniform Civil Code" falls under the Article-
a.   42                    b.  44                           c.   51                         d.   47
Answer : b

Q. We have adopted the provisions of Five year Plan and Fundamental Duties from-
a. USA                        b.French                      c. Russia                    d. China
Answer :   c

Q. The 42nd Amendment Act of 1976 added Socialist , Secular and Integrity in-
a. Fundamental Rights           b.DPSP          c. Preamble       d.Fundamental Duties
Answer : c

Q. Which of the following is the preface of the constitution ?
a.DPSP         b. National Anthem          c.  Preamble        d. Fundamental Duties
Answer : c

Q. Which among the following is the member of the drafting committee-
a. Jawarlal Nehru     b. Dr. Rajendra Prasad     c. Dr. B.R Ambedkar    d. K.M Munshi
Answer : d

Q. The Anti-defection law added by 52nd Amendment Act 1985 falls under which schedule ?
a. 8 schedule             b. 6 schedule              c.  10 schedule              d.  12 schedule
Answer : c

Q. Who criticize the DPSP as the  'Dustbin of sentiments' ?
a. K.C wheare       b. Mahatma Gandhi     c. T .T Krishnamachari      d. KT Shah
Answer :  c

Q. Which of the famous personality known as 'Modern manu' ?
a. Subhas Chandra Bose          b. Dr. B.R Ambedkar            c. Jawarlal Nehru       d. Mahatma Gandhi
Answer : b

Q. When did the first meeting of Constituent Assembly  took place -
a. Dec 9 ,1946          b.  Dec  26,1949          c.  Jan 26,1949        d.  Aug  26, 1950
Answer : a

Q. The drafting committee of constituent assembly consisted of -
a. 8 members            b. 7 members               c. 11 members              d.  15 members
Answer : b

Q. One of the member of the drafting committee was -
a. Alladi Krishnaswamy     b. Mahatma Gandhi       c.  Jawaharlal Nehru         d. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Answer :  a

Q. The term 'Republic' was adopted from -
a. Russia                  b. South Africa                     c.  Irish                   d. French
Answer :  d

Q. The constitution of Weimar also known as
a. Gemany                  b. China                        c.  Austrian                 d. Soviet
Answer : a

Q. In which of the following  country  we can see the provision of "double citizenship " ?
a. USA                         b. India                      c. China                           d. UK
Answer :   a

Q. From which of the following constitution we have borrowed the concept of Fundamental Rights -
a. UK                       b.  China                     c. South Africa                        d.  USA
Answer :  d

Q.When did our constituent assembly adopted National song and Anthem ?
a. 24 Jan,1950              b. 26 Nov,1949               c. 15 Aug,1945         d.   22 Jan,1947
Answer : a

Q.Who is also known as the first law minister of India ?
a. Dr. Rajendra Prasad    b. Dr. B.R Ambedkar    c. Mahatma Gandhi      d. Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer : b

Q.Which of the following Amendment is also known as the 'Mini Constitution' ?
a. 42nd Amendment       b. 44th Amendment       c. 86th Amendment        d. 61st Amendment
Answer : a

Q.Which of the following personality was the interm president of the constituent assembly ?
a. B .N Rau          b. Dr. Sachchidanand Sinha        c. H.C Mukherjee         d. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Answer : b

Q. The provision of the  Joint sitting of the Houses borrowed from-
a. UK                           b.China                c.USA                         d.  Austrian
Answer :  d

Q. Which Amendment Act has reduced the voting age from  21 to 18 years ?
a. 61st Amendment,1989        b. 42nd Amendment Act,1976       c. 86th Amendment Act,2002      d. 96th Amendment Act, 2011
Answer :  a

Q. The part IV of our constitution deals with
a.Preamble        b.Fundamental Rights       c.  Fundamenatal Duties      d. DPSP
Answer : d

Q. Which article promotes International peace and security ?
a. Article 44            b. Article 47               c. Article 51                  d.  Article 50
Answer : c

Q. At present how many articles are present in our constitution ?
a. 395                         b.448                           c. 442                           c.368
Answer :  b

Q. The process of removal of vice president and the supreme court judges borrowed from-
a. UK                         b. China                           c. Russia                       d.  USA
 Answer : d

Q.Which of the following Amendment Act inserted Article 21A in our Indian constitution ?
a. 86th Amendment Act,2002       b. 61st Amendment Act,1989        c. 44th Amendment Act,1978       d. 73rd Amendment Act,1992
Answer :  a

Q.The fundamental right of "Right to Constitutional remedies" comes under
a. Article 51                  b. Article 44                c. Article 32               d. Article  47
Answer : c

Q. Which Amendment Act deals with the  'Panchayati Raj' ?
a. 86th Amendment Act ,2002        b. 73rd Amendment Act ,1992          c. 91st Amendment Act ,2003
Answer : b

Q. The term 'Annual Financial Statement ' falls under which Article -
a. Article 3                    b. Article  201              c. Article 112                d. Article 51
Answer : c

Q.Which Article of our Indian constitution  has given special status to Jammu & Kashmir ?
a. Article 371            b. Article  370              c. Article 371-B           d.  Article 371A
Answer : b

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