Current Affairs October-2018

Current Affairs October-2018

Current Affairs October-2018

Q1. What was the Rank of India in the Global Hunger Index ?
Ans: 103rd

Q2. Recently which country has decided to abolish the rule of death penality to the culprits ?
Ans: Malaysia

Q3.  Who is the author of the book named "The Paradoxical Prime Minister: Narendra Modi & His India " ?
Ans : Shashi Tharoor

Q4. The United Nation Human Rights Council has elected India for how many many years ?
Ans : 3 years

Q5. A new Roll on-Roll off (Ro-Ro) ferry  Service has been started in which state ?
Ans : Assam

Q6. Where is Majuli Island Located ?
Ans: Assam

Q7. ISRO has signed MOU with which Central University  to set up Satish Dhawan Centre for space  science in the University ?
Ans : Jammu

Q8.What was the Rank of India in World Bank's Human Capital Index-2018?
Ans : 115th Rank

Q9. Recently India-Israel Innovation Centre was inaugurated in which city?
Ans: Bengaluru

Q10. India and Romania has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the field of ..?
Ans : Tourism

Q11. A new scheme named " Nirman Kusuma scheme" to provide the financial assistance to the children of the construction workers for their technical education in the state  launched by which state government?
Ans: Odisha

Q12. Which state  has won  food and Agriculture Organisation's Future Policy Gold Award for becoming the first 100 percent organic agriculture state?
Ans : Sikkim
Q13. What was the theme of World Arthritis Day-2018?
Ans : The theme was- It's in your hands,take action.

Q14. "The Rise and Fall of the Emerald Tigers " A 10 years research on Panna National Parks was shared by which biologist?
Ans: Raghu Chundawat

Q15. India has signed a Mou for cooperation in the field of Agriculture and Allied sectors with which country?
Ans : Lebanon

Q16. What was the theme for World Sight Day-2018 ?
Ans: The Theme was- Eye Care Everywhere

Q17. Which state has become the first to  launched  a Wage Compensation Scheme for pregnant Women in tea gardens ?
Ans : Assam

Q18. Who is the president of ADB(Asian Development Bank) ?
Ans : Takehiko Nakao

Q19. Which state has top the list of Maximum Average Assets Under Management ?
Ans : Maharashtra

Q20. What is the full form of SATAT ?
Ans : Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation

Q21. Which two countries has signed the Trade deal replacing NAFTA ?
Ans : US & Canada

Q22. The World Habitat Day is celebrated on-
Ans : 1st october

Q23. Who has received the Nobel Medicine  Prize -2018?
Ans : James P Allison & tasaku Honjo

Q24. Who is the Secretary General of United Nations ?
Ans : Antonio  Guterres

Q25. Who has been appointed as the chief economist of the IMF ?
Ans : Gita Gopinath

Q26. The 6th Edition of IBSAMAR , a joint Multi-National maritime exercise which is held at South Africa is conducted between which countries ?
Ans: India , Brazil & South Africa

Q27. Who got the Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 ?
Ans : Arthur Ashkin , Gerard Mourou & Donna Strickland

Q28. Which state govt. has launched State's own Food Security Scheme to cover the poor people ?
Ans : Odisha

Q29. Who is the 46th Chief justice of India ?
Ans : Ranjan Gogoi

Q30. Who is the newly elected president of Iraq ?
Ans : Barham Salih

Q31. A campaign named 'Udyam Abhilasha'  for Entrepreneurship Awareness launched by-

Q32. Who has received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry -2018 ?
Ans : Frances H. Arnold , George P. Smith & Gregory P. Winter

Q33. Who has received the UNEP Champions Of The Earth Award ?
Ans: Shri Narendra Modi (India's Prime Minister) & Emmanuel Macron (French President)

Q34. The National Khadi Festival -2018 organised by KVIC held in -
Ans : Mumbai

Q35. Where is the First Regional Conference on "Women in Detention and Access to Justice " organised ?
Ans: Shimla,Himachal Pradesh

Q36. Which ministry has launched Harit - Diwali Swasth Diwali Campaign to reduce pollution in the country ?
Ans : The Union Ministry of Environment , Forests and Climate Change-MoEFCC

Q37. Who has won the Shakti Bhatt First book Prize 2018 and name the book  ?
Ans : Sujatha Gidla -US based dalit writer , Book- "Ants Among Elephants: An Untouchable family and the making of modern India"

Q38. Sittwe Port is located in which country ?
 Ans :  Myanmar

Q39.  India has recently signed a Mou for the appointment of private port operator for operation & Maintenance of Sittwe port with which country ?
Ans : Myanmar

Q40. The Green Climate fund of UN has approved how many money to boost climate resilience for India's coastal communities ?
Ans : $43.4 Million

Q41. The joint military exercise named " Iron Magic-19 " conducted between which two countries ?
Ans :  UAE & US

Q42. The 7th meeting of SCO was  held in -
Ans :  Astana , kazakhstan

Q43. Where is the HQ of Shanghai Cooperation Organization ?
Ans : Beijing, China

Q44. Where was 12th ASEM(Asia -Europe Meeting) Summit  held ?
Ans : Brussels, Belgium

Q45. The 1st joint military exrecise named " Dharma Guardian " which is to be held in Mizoram in the month of Nov-2018  will be conducted between which two countries ?
Ans : India & Japan

Q46. The World Food Day is globally observed on which date ?
Ans : 16th October

Q47. Where is the 6th meeting of RCEP was held ?
Ans : Singapore

Q48. Who is the newly appointed Director General of CSIR ?
Ans : Shekhar Mande

Q49. Name the country which is the second largest producer of Silk in the world after China ?
Ans : India

Q50. What is the full form of UNHRC ?
Ans : The full form is - United Nation Human Rights Council
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