Objective Questions On Indian Constitution-2

Here is the set of some important Indian Polity Multiple Choice Questions for your Exam preparation
Objective Questions On Indian Constitution-2

Objective Questions On Indian Constitution-2

  • 1.Under which Amendment the Ninth Schedule was added ?

  • 2.The Jammu & Kashmir has given a special status under which Article ?

  • 3.Who has given the slogan of "Tell the Slave, He is a slave and He will revolt" ?

  • 4. On which occassion "Jawaharlal Nehru" used the expression "Tryst with Destiny" ?

  • 5. Name the political party founded by Subhas Chandra Bose ?

  • 6. What is the timing that is followed for a "Question Hours" in the parliament of the house ?

  • 7. Under which Article the impeachment of a president takes place ?

  • 8.Who appoints the Attorney General of India ?

  • 9. Who summons the "Joint Sitting" whenever there is a deadlock ?

  • 10. For what maximum period the "Money Bill" can stay in Rajya Sabha House ?

  • 11.The concept of "Judicial review" is borrowed from which country ?

  • 12. Who appoints the "Finance Commission" ?

  • 13.Which Amendment is also known as "Mini Constitution"?

  • 14.The "Emergency Provisions" comes under which part of the constitution ?

  • 15.Under which constitutional Amendment the age of the citizens changed from 21 to 18 yrs ?

  • 16. Who is known as the chief Architect of the constitution ?

  • 17.The word "Socialist" was added in the Preamble by which Amendment Act ?

  • 18. The Act of "Montague Chelmsford Reform" also known as-?

  • 19.Name the case where supreme court declared that "Preamble was a part of the constitution" ?

  • 20.Which of the following was not a member of the Constituent Assembly


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