Objective Questions On Indian Constitution-1

Here is the set of some important Indian Polity Multiple Choice Questions for your Exam preparation
Objective Questions On Indian Constitution-1

Objective Questions On Indian Constitution-1

  • 1.How many schedules were originally in the constitution " ?

  • 2.Who said the Preamble as a "Political Horoscope"?

  • 3.Who said "Sovereignty was the fullness of state" ?

  • 4. The "Rights to property" was removed by which amendment?

  • 5. The "Article 44" is related to- ?

  • 6. What is the total no. of seats in the upper house of the parliament?

  • 7. Name the longest serving speaker of Lok sabha?

  • 8. How many High Courts are there in our country in 2018 ?

  • 9. What is the maximum gap between two sessions of the parliament ?

  • 10. The "Panchayati Raj" was first adopted by- ?

  • 11.How many seats are reserved in the Lok Sabha for Union Territories ?

  • 12.Who is the chairman of Planning Commission ?

  • 13.Who said "Sovereignty was the fullness of state" ?

  • 14.Name the country from which we have borrowed the "5 Year Plan"

  • 15.When did the "National Commission of Humans Rights Commission was formed"?

  • 16. The "DPSP" comes under which part of the constitution ?

  • 17.What was the total no. of members in the drafting committee of the Indian constitution ?

  • 18. The "Right to Equality" comes under which Article?

  • 19. The "Panchayati Raj" comes under which list ?

  • 20. The 6th Schedule of the Indian Constitution deals with administration & control of Schedule areas and Schedule tribes of ?


Objective Questions on Indian Constitution-1 

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