Short Questions related to President

Short Questions related to President
Here is the list of some important multiple choice short questions related to the President of India generally asked in Exams.

Short Questions related to President

Q1.Under which Article "Impeachment of a President" takes place-
Ans : Article-61

Q2.To whom president give his or her resignation letter ?
Ans : Vice-President

Q3.If President is unfortunately died , then what happens to the President's post?
Ans : Vice-President becomes the President but only for 6 Months.

Q4.The Pardoning Power of a President is written under which Article ?
Ans : Article-72

Q5.Under which Article ,President can promulgate Ordinances during the recess of the Parliament?
Ans : Article-123

Q6.Which Article describes  President as a "Executive Power of the Union" ?
Ans : Article-53

Q7.Which Article talks about the Qualification of a President ?
Ans : Article-58
Q8. The President's Rule or the Failure of Constitutional Machinery in the states that comes in emergency provisions falls under which Article?
Ans : Article-356

Q9.Which type of Veto is not used by Indian President ?
Ans : Qualified Veto not used by Indian President

Q10.Which Article talks about the "Veto Power" of a President ?
Ans : Article-111

Q11.Which house of the Parliament  takes the charge of "Impeachment of a President"?
Ans : The Charge of President's Impeachment can be done by either house of the parliament

Q12.How much majority of total membership is needed to remove the pPesident from his/her office ?
Ans : 2/3rd of Total membership

Q13.Is President is a part of a "Union Executive" ?
Ans : Yes

Q14.The President takes Oath in front of -
Ans : Chief Justice of India

Q15.If Chief Justice is absent during the President's Oath ceremony then President takes oath in the presence of-
Ans : If Chief Justice of India is absent ,then President takes oath in front of "Seniormost Judge of Supreme Court"

Q16.Which Article talks about the power of a President to consult Supreme Court?

Q17.How many days notice is given to the President after signed by 1/4th members of the house during the President's impeachment  ?
Ans : 14 days Notice

Q18.The Process of Impeachment of a President is a ____________ procedure.
Ans : Quasi-judicial procedure

Q19.Who appoints the "Attorney General of India"?
Ans : President

Q20.The Finance Commission is appointed by-
Ans : President Q21.The CAG"Comptoller & Auditor General" of India is appointed by-
Ans : President

Q22.To whom CAG submits his audit reports?
Ans : President

Q23.Who appoints the Chairman & members of a SAT(State Administrative Tribunals)?
Ans: President

Q24.Who appoints the Chairman & members of a CAT(Central Administrative Tribunals)?
Ans: President

Q25.Who determines the renumertion of "Attorney General"  of India?
Ans: President

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