United Nation Objective Questions Quiz

 United Nation Objective Questions Quiz
Here is the set of some important objective questions on United Nations Organization for Practice
General Assembly ECOSOC The Secretariat
-> Maria Fernanda Espinosa(Present)
-> Miroslav Lajcak
-> Inga Rhonda King(2019)
-> Marie Chatardova(2018)
-> Antonoi Guterres(Present)
-> Ban Ki-Moon

United Nation Objective Questions Quiz

  1."United Nation" was drafted on which date ?
    14 Aug,1941
    26 June,1945
    24 Oct,1945
    20 Oct,1947
  Answer :  14 Aug,1941

    2.Where is the HQ of United Nation Organization ?
    San Francisco
    New York
Answer :  New York

    3.When was United Nation Charter was signed ?
    24 Oct,1945
    26 June,1945
    20 Oct,1947
    14 Aug,1941
Answer : 26 June,1945

    4. When did the "United Nation" flag was adopted?
    14 Aug,1941
    20 Oct,1947
    24 Oct,1945
    26 June,1945
Answer :  20 Oct,1947

    5. Which one of the following is not the official language of "United Nation"?
Answer :  Parsi

    6. The "Atlantic Charter" was signed at ?
    New York
    San Francisco
Answer :  San Francisco

    7. Which one of the following is not the Organs of the "United Nation Organization"?
    General Assembly
    The Secretariat
Answer : Unicef

    8.When did the "League of Nations" founded ?
Answer : 1920

    9.Which of the following is a Policymaking organ of the United Nation ?
    The Economic & Social Council
    The Security Council
    General Assembly
    Trusteeship Concil
Answer : General Assembly

    10.Which is the most Powerful decision making body of United Nation ?
    General Assembly
    Security Council
    Trusteeship Council
Answer :  Security Council

    11.What is the name of the constitution of "United Nation"?
    Lords of the House
    The Charter
    The Senate
    South Africa
Answer :  The Charter

    12.The "Trusteeship Council" of the UN was founded in the year - ?
Answer : 1945

    13.The membership is limited to how many member countries in Security Council ?
    5 members
    15 members
    21 members
    30 members
Answer : 15 members

    14.The Non Permanent Members of the Security Council are elected for a term of - ?
    Three Years
    Two Years
    Five Years
    Seven Members
Answer : Two Years

    15.How many member countries are permanent in the "Security Council" ?
    10 Members
    5 Members
    7 Members
    54 Members
Answer :  5 Members

    16. Which of the following is a permanent member of the "Security Council"?
Answer :  China

    17.How many members are there in ECOSOC(The Economic & Social Council) ?
    51 Members
    54 Members
    20 Members
    193 members
Answer : 54 Members

    18.How many territories which were palced under "The Trusteeship Council" have become free?
    11 Territories
    51 Territories
    44 Territories
    71 Territories
Answer :  11 Territories

    19. The President of ECOSOC of the United nation is elected for how many years ?
    Three Years
    Two Year
    One Year
    Five Years
Answer : One Year

    20.The President of the "United Nation General Assembly" is elected for how many years ?
    Three Years
    Two Years
    One Year
    Five Years
Answer : One Year

    21.Who is the present President of United Nation General Assembly-2018 ?
    Marie Chatradova
    Olof Scoog
    Miroslav Lajcak
    Maris Fernanda Espinosa
Answer : Maris Fernanda Espinosa

    22.Who is the president of ECOSOC for the term 2019 ?
    Marc Smith
    Marie Chatardova
    Inga Rhonda King
    Oh Joon
Answer :  Inga Rhonda King

    23.How many judges are there in International Court of Justice ?
    21 Judges
    18 judges
    15 Judges
    10 Judges
Answer :  15 Judges

    24.For how many years the judges of the International Court of Justice serves ?
    9 years
    18 years
    16 years
    10 years
Answer : 9 years

    25.For how many years the Secretary General head of the secretariat is elected ?
    9 years
    3 years
    10 years
    5 years
Answer :  5 years

    26.Who was the first woman president of the UN General Assembly ?
    Nikkie Haley
    Annie Besant
    Sarojini Naidu
    Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
Answer :  Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

    27.Who was the first United Nation Secretary-General ?
    U. Thant
    Kofi Annan
    Antonio Guterres
    Trygve Lie
Answer :  Trygve Lie

    28. What are the six official languages of United Nations ?
    Arabic, Chinese, English, French,Hindi,Spanish
    Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian,Spanish
    Japanese, Chinese, English, French,Russian,Spanish
    Arabic, Chinese, English, French,Parsi,Hindi
Answer :  Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian,Spanish

    29. Which of the following country enjoy the "VETO POWER" to caste negative vote in the security council?
Answer : USA
    30. Who elects non-permanent members of the Security Council??
    Security Council
    General Assembly
Answer :  General Assembly

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