Short Questions on Indian Parliament

Short Questions related to Parliament
Parliament Quiz
Here is the list of some important multiple choice short questions related to the Parliament of India generally asked in Exams.

Q1.The parliament of India consists of how many houses ?
a. Three Houses b. Three Houses c. four Houses d. Two Houses
Answer : Two Houses

Q2.The Rajya Sabha is also known as the-?
a. Vidhan Parishad b. Vidhan Sabha c. Upper House d. Lower House
Answer : Upper House

Q3.The Lok Sabha is also known as the- ?
a. Vidhan Sabha b. State Assembly c. Raj Sabha d. Popular House
Answer : Popular House

Q4.The membership in Rajya Sabha is limited to- ?
a. 552 members b. 545 members c. 435 members d. 250 members
Answer : 250 members

Q5.How many members are nominated by President in Lok Sabha?
a. Two b. Twelve c. Ten d. Seven
Answer : Two members of Anglo Indians

Q6.Which house of the parliament elected directly by the people of Universal Adult Franchise ?
a.Rajya Sabha b. Lok Sabha c. Vidhan Sabha d. Vidhan Parishad
Answer : Lok Sabha

Q7.Who chaired the meeting of Rajya sabha ?
a. President b. Lok Sabha Speaker c. Vice-President d. Governor
Answer : Vice-President

Q8.What is the tenure of Rajya Sabha ?
a. 6 years b. 3 years c. 5 years d. 4 years
Answer : 6 years

Q9.Who chaired the meeting of Lok Sabha ?
a. Speaker b. President c. Vice-President d. Chief Minister
Answer : Speaker

Q10.What is the tenure of Lok Sabha ?
6 years b. 3 years c. 5 years d. 4 years
Answer : 5 years

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