Short questions on Emergency Provisions- Indian Polity

Short questions on Emergency Provisions- Indian Polity

Here you will get short or objective questions based on Emergency Provisions asked in various examination . We hope you will like this set of questions related to Emergency provisions and will help many aspirants to crack the examination.

1. Emergency Provisions were borrowed from the Constitution of - Germany.

2. Emergency Provisions under Indian Constitution describes the nature of Indian Polity as - Unitary

3. Which Article under the Constitution authorizes the President to proclaim an emergency - 352

4. Emergency Provisions are enshrined under which part of the Constitution - XVIII

5. When the National Emergency is declared, the following Article is suspended - 14

6. While Proclamation of Emergency is in operation, the President cannot suspend certain Fundamental Rights.  - 20 and 21

7. How many times has a National Emergency been declared so far by the President - Thrice

8.Which type of emergency has been declared the maximum number of times- Constitutional Emergency

9. Which one of the following types of emergency has not yet declared, till now - Financial Emergency

10. President’s Rule at the Center is possible - National Emergency

11. The President can declare National Emergency - On the recommendation of the Council of Ministers

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