Agriculture Export Policy-2018

Agriculture Export Policy-2018
Agriculture Export Policy-2018

About Agriculture Export Policy- 2018:

Aim :

  • To help the government in achieving the target of doubling farmers’ income  and enable farmers to get benefit of export opportunities in overseas market.
  • This policy helps in  double farm exports from $30 billion to $60 billion by 2022 and reach US$ 100 Billion in the next few years thereafter, with a stable trade policy regime.
  • There is a  proposal for establishment of Monitoring Framework at Centre with Commerce as the nodal Department with representation from various line Ministries/Departments and Agencies and representatives of concerned State Governments, to oversee the implementation of Agriculture Export Policy.
  • It aims to diversify our export basket, destinations and boost high value and value added agricultural exports including focus on perishables.
  • It will promote novel, indigenous, organic, ethnic, traditional and non-traditional Agri products exports.
  • It will  provide an institutional mechanism for pursing market access, tackling barriers and deal with sanitary and phyto-sanitary issues.
  • Also helps in doubling  India’s share in world agri exports by integrating with global value chain at the earliest.
  • This policy imposes no restrictions on export of all organic and processed products.

What are the Elements of Agriculture Export Policy-2018 :

(1) Strategic -
  • Policy measures
  • Infrastructure and logistics support
  • Holistic approach to boost exports
  • Greater involvement of State Governments in agri export
  • Focus on Clusters
  • Promoting value-added exports   
  • Marketing and promotion of “Brand India

(2)  Operational-
  • Attract private investments into production and processing
  • Establishment of strong quality regimen
  • Research & Development

Summary :

  • Remove restrictions on export of processed & all organic products
  • Double farmers income  
  • Increase farm exports
  • Diversify export basket
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