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Computer Knowledge - new

Computer Awareness
Introduction to Computers History of Computers
Generations of Computer Characteristics of Computer
Applications of Computers Classification of Computers
Developments in the computer Field The Super Computers
Computer Abbreviations Terminology
The Desktop
PC Case Motherboard
Power Supply Unit Removable Storage and/or Disk Drives
Monitors (CRT and LCD) Input Devices
Output DevicesCards
Laptops and NetBooks
Software Using Software
Computer Data Binary System
Operating system Graphic Images, Sounds and Animation
Computer Viruses Word Processing
Database Spreadsheet
What is Internet ? Advantages & Disadvantages
IP - Address Internet Search Engine
Email Internet Terminology
E Commerce
Computer Network
What is a computer network? Benefits of Computer Networks
History of Networking Communication Media
Kinds of computer Networks Types of Computer Network
Computer Network Hardware Network Models
Computer Shortcuts
Function Keys and Basic PC shortcut keys Microsoft Windows shortcut keys
Microsoft Excel shortcut keys Microsoft Word shortcut keys
Microsoft FrontPage shortcut keys Microsoft Outlook shortcut keys
Web Browser Shortcut Keys


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