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Sports - Measurements

Length of court 44 feet
Width of the court 20 feet (for doubles) and 17 feet (for singles)
Height of the net 5 feet
Weight of Shuttle cock 4.74 to 5.50 gram
Overall length of the Racket 680 mm (2.5 ft) maximum
Overall width of the Racket 230 mm (9 inches) maximum
Overall length of the Racket head 290 mm (11.5 inches) maximum
Weight of the racket 85 to 140 grams

Length of the court 28 meter
Width of the court 15 meter
Height of the basket from ground 3.05 meter
Weight of the ball 600 to 650 grams

Length of Pitch22 yards (20.11 meters)
Length of Crease1.22 - 1.83 meters (4 ft)
Weight of Ball155 to 163 gram
Circumference of the Ball 22.4-22.9 cm (9 inch)
Length of Bat96.5 cm (38 inch)
Width of Bat10.8 cm (4.25 inch)
Length of the Stumps 71.1 cm (28 inch)
Length of Bells11.1 cm (each bail)

Length of the ground (Field)91 to 120 meters
Width of the ground (Field)45 to 91 meters
Weight of the ball396 to 453 grams
circumference of the ball98 to 71 cm

No. of Players 11 players in each team
Length of Playing field 91.44 meters
Width of the Playing field 50 to 55 meters
Weight of the Ball 155 to 163 grams
Circumference of the Ball 223- 224 cm
Colour of the Ball White
Weight of the Hockey (Stick) 280 grams (max)

Lawn Tennis
Length of the court 78 feet or 23.77 m (singles)
Width of the court 27 feet or 8.23 m (singles), 36 feet or 10.97 m (doubles)
Height of the net 3 feet (0.914 m)
Weight of the ball 56.0 to 59.4 gram
Maximum length of the frame of the racket 32 inches (81.28 cm)
Colour of the ball White or Yellow

Table Tennis
Length of the table 2.74 metre (9 feet)
Width of the table 1.52 metre (5 feet)
Height of the table 76 cn
Weight of the ball 2.4 to 2.53 gram
Diameter of the ball 37.2 to 38.2 mm
Colour of the ball White or Yellow

Length of Court 18 meter
Width of Court 9 meter
Weight of ball 250 -260 grams
Circumference of the ball 65-67 cm
Net 1m (+/- 3cm) wide and 9.5 m long
Net's height 2.43 m (for men) and 2.24 m (for women)
Ball Internal Pressure 0.40 to 0.45 Kg/cm

Length of the field 300 yards,
Width of the field 150 yards
Distance between the goals 250 yards
Distance between the goal points 8 yards

The number of squares on a chessboard 64
Colour of the squares White and Black

Diameter of the hole 4 inches

Water Polo
The Length and width of the field 30 X 20 yards

The distance of each base 90 feet
The distance of the base along with its hypotenuse 127 feet

Length and width of the ring Minimum 4.9X4.9 m square and maximum 6.10X6.10 m square

Wrestling :

In International Competitions there is a circular area with 9 metre diameter with circle in the centre of 1 metre diameter. Competitions played on a mattress, the mattress is 1:1 metre diameter high.


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