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Cups and Trophies Associated with Sports and Games

Important List of Cups and Trophies
  • American Cup  : Yacht Racing
  • Ashes : Cricket
  • Benson and Hedges : Cricket
  • Canada Cup : Golf
  • Colombo Cup : Football
  • Corbitton Cup : Table Tennis (Women)
  • Davis Cup : Lawn Tennis
  • Derby : Horse Race
  • Grand National : Horse Streple Chase Race
  • Jules Rimet Trophy : World Soccer Cup
  • King's Cup : Air Races
  • Merdeka Cup : Football
  • Rydet Cup : Golf
  • Swaythling Cup : Table Tennis (Men)
  • Thomas Cup : Badminton
  • Uber Cup : Badminton (Women)
  • Walker Cup : Golf
  • Westchester Cup : Polo
  • Wightman Cup : Lawn Tennis
  • World Cup : Cricket
  • World Cup : Hockey
  • Reliance Cup : Cricket
  • Rothman's Trophy : Cricket
  • William's Cup : Basketball
  • European Champions Cup : Football
  • Eisenhower Cup : Golf
  • Essande Champions Cup : Hockey
  • Rene Frank Trophy : Hockey
  • Grand Prix : Table Tennis
  • Edgbaston Cup : Lawn Tennis
  • Grand Prix : Lawn Tennis
  • World Cup : Weight-lifting
  • Agarwal Cup : Badminton
  • Agha Khan Cup : Hockey
  • All-India Women's Guru Nanak Championship : Hockey
  • Bandodkar Trophy : Football
  • Bangalore Blues Challenge Cup : Basketball
  • Barna-Bellack Cup : Table Tennis
  • Beighton Cup : Hockey
  • Bombay Gold Cup : Hockey
  • Burdwan Trophy : Weight-lifting
  • Charminar Trophy : Athletics
  • Chadha Cup : Badminton
  • C. K. Naydu Trophy : Cricket
  • Chakoia Gold Trophy : Football
  • Divan Cup : Badminton
  • Deodhar Trophy : Cricket
  • Duleep Trophy : Cricket
  • D. C. M. Cup : Football
  • Durand Cup : Football
  • Dhyan Chand Trophy : Hockey
  • Dr. B. C. Roy Trophy : Football(Junior)
  • Ezra Cup : Polo
  • F. A. Cup : Football
  • G. D. Birla Trophy : Cricket
  • Ghulam Ahmed Trophy : Cricket
  • Gurmeet Trophy : Hockey
  • Gura Nanak Cup : Hockey
  • Gyanuati Devi Trophy : Hockey
  • Holkar Trophy : Bridge
  • lrani Trophy : Cricket
  • I. F. A. Shield : Football
  • lndira Gold Cup : Hockey
  • Jawaharlal Challenge : Air Racing
  • Jaswant Singh Trophy : Best Services Sportsman
  • Kuppuswamy Naidu Trophy : Hockey
  • Lady Rattan Tata Trophy : Hockey
  • MCC Trophy : Hockey
  • Moinuddaula Gold Cup : Cricket
  • Murugappa Gold Cup : Hockey
  • Modi Gold Cup : Hockey
  • Narang Cup : Badminton
  • Nehru Trophy : Hockey
  • Nixan Gold Cup : Football
  • Obaid Ullah Gold Cup : Hockey
  • Prithi Singh Cup : Polo
  • Rani Jhansi Trophy : Cricket
  • Ranjit Trophy : Cricket
  • Rangaswami Cup : Hockey
  • Ranjit Singh Gold Cup : Hockey
  • Rajendra Prasad Cup : Tennis
  • Ramanujan Trophy : Table Tennis
  • Rene Frank Trophy : Hockey
  • Radha Mohan Cup : Polo
  • Raghbir Singh Memorial : Football
  • Rohinton Baria Trophy : Cricket
  • Rovers Cup : Football
  • Sanjay Gold Cup : Football
  • Santosh Trophy : Football
  • Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee : Football
  • Subroto Cup : Football
  • Scindia Gold Cup : Hockey
  • Sahni Trophy : Hockey
  • Sheesh Mahal Trophy : Cricket
  • Todd Memorial Trophy : Football
  • Tommy Eman Gold Cup : Hockey
  • Vittal Trophy : Football
  • Vizzy Trophy : Cricket
  • Vijay Merchant Trophy : Cricket
  • Wellington Trophy : Rowing
  • Wills Trophy : Cricket
More information on Cups and Trophies

Air Racing 
Jawaharlal Challenge Trophy,
King's Cup,
chneider Cup etc

Federation Cup

Charminar Trophy,
World Cup,
Federation Cup etc

Aggarwal Cup, Amrit Diwan Cup, Asia Cup, Australasia Cup, Chaddha Cup, European Cup, Harilela Cup, Ibrahim Rahimatollah Challenger Cup, Konica Cup, Narang Cup, SR Ruia Cup, Sophia Cup, Kitiakara Cup, Thomas Cup, Tunku Abdulrahman Cup, Uber Cup, World Cup, Yonex Cup etc 

Basalat Jha Trophy, BC Gupta Trophy, Federation Cup, SM Arjuna Trophy, Todd Memorial Trophy, William Jones Cup, Bangalore Blues Challenge Cup, Nehru Cup, Federation Cup etc.

Boat Rowing 
American Cup ( Hachtracing ),
Wellington Trophy (India)

Aspy Adjahia Trophy,
Federation Cup,
Val Baker Trophy etc.

Basalat Jha Trophy,
Holkar Trophy,
Ruia Gold Cup,
Singhania Trophy, etc 

Naidu Trophy,
Khaitan Trophy,
Limca Trophy,
Lin Arec City Trophy,
World Cup, etc

Anthony D' Mellow Trophy, Ashes, Asia Cup, Benson and Hedges Cup, Bose Trophy, Champions Trophy, Charminar Challenger Cup, CK Naidu Trophy, Cooch - Behar Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Gavaskar - Border Trophy, GD Birla Trophy, Gillette Cup, Ghulam Ahmand Trophy, Hakumat Rai Trophy, ICC World Cup, Irani Trophy, Interface Cup, Jawaharlal Nehru Cup, Lomboard World Challenge Cup, Mc Dowells Challenge Cup, Merchant Cup, Moin-ud-Dowla Cup, Nat West Trophy, Prudential Cup (World Cup), Rani Jhansi Trophy, Ranji Trophy, Rohinton Baria Trophy, Rothmans Cup, Sahara Cup, Sharjah Cup, Sheesh Mahal Trophy, Sheffield Shield, Singer Cup, Sir Frank Worrel Trophy, Texaco Cup, Titan Cup, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Vijay Merchant Trophy, Vizzy Trophy, Wisden Trophy, Wills Trophy, World Series Cup. 

Asian Woman's Cup, Bandodkar Trophy,  Bicentennial Gold Cup,
Beghum Hazarat Mahal Cup, BILT Cup, Bordoloi Trophy, Colombo Cup, Confederation Cup, DCM Trophy, Durand Cup, Rovers Cup, BC Rai Trophy (National Championship), FIFA World Cup, Jules Rimet Trophy, Kalinga Cup, Santosh Trophy (National Championship), IFA Shield, Scissor Cup, Subroto Mukherjee Cup, Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee Trophy, Todd Memorial Trophy, Vittal Trophy, Indira Gandhi Trophy, Rajiv Gandhi Trophy, Airlines Cup, Asia Cup, Nehru Gold Cup,etc. 

Canada Cup, Eisenhower Trophy, Muthiah Gold Cup, Nomura Trophy, President's Trophy, Prince of Wales Cup, Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup, Topolino Trophy, Walker Cup, World Cup etc

Aga Khan Cup, All-India Women’s Guru, Bombay Gold Cup, Beighton Cup, Begam Rasul Trophy (women's), Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup, Lady Ratan Tata Trophy (women's), Gurunanak Championship (women's), Dhyanchand Trophy, Nehru Trophy, Sindhia Gold Cup, Murugappa Gold Cup, Wellington Cup, Indira Gold Cup, Kuppuswamy Naidu Trophy, Lady Rattan Tata Trophy, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, etc

Horse Racing 
Beresford Cup, Blue Raiband Cup, Derby, Grand National Cup etc.

Federation Cup

Kho- Kho
Federation Cup

Ezra Cup, Gold Cup, King's Cup, Prithi Cup, Schneider Cup etc.

Webb Ellis Trophy

Shooting North Wales Cup, Welsh Grand Pix etc

Table Tennis
Berna Bellack Cup (men), Corbillion Cup (women), Jai Laxmi Cup (women), Rajkumari Challenge Cup (women junior), Ramanuja Trophy (men junior), Travancore Cup (women), Swathling Cup (men), etc

Asia Oceanic, Davis Cup, Wightman Cup,  Edgbaston Cup, Grand Prix, Wimbledon Trophy, etc..

Centennial Cup, Federation Cup, Indira Pradhan Trophy, Shivanthi Gold Cup, etc 

America Cup, etc



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