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International Organisations - Head Quarters

Organisation Headquarters
UNO New York, United States
UNICEF New York, United States
UNESCO Paris, France
UNIDO Vienna, Austria
WHO Geneva, Switzerland
UNFPA New York, United States
ILO Geneva, Switzerland
IMF Washington DC, United States
WTO Geneva, Switzerland
International Court Of Justice The Hague, Netherlands
International Atomic Energy Agency Vienna, Austria
World Bank Washington D.C, United States
International Committee of the Red Cross Geneva, Switzerland
International Maritime Organisation London, England
Universal Postal Union Berne, Switzerland
Food and Agricultural Organisation Rome, Italy
World Meteorological Organisation Geneva, Switzerland
SAARC Kathmandu, Nepal
Amnesty International London, England
Transparency International Berlin, Germany
World Intellectual Property Organization Geneva, Switzerland
International Renewable Energy Agency Abu Dhabi (UAE) (Interim HQs)
Commonwealth of Nations London, England
International Standards Organisation Geneva, Switzerland

Last updated on: 21/10/2019


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