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Medical ( Inventions and Discoveries)

ScientistInvention / Discovery
BantingInsulin (as a palliative for diabetes).
Barnard, ChristianReplacing the human heart.
Brahmchari, U.M.Cure of Kala-a-zar fever.
DavyIsolation of metals by electricity; studied properties of chlorine.
DomagkSulpha drugs as bactericides.
EijkmanCause of Beri-Beri.
FinsenDiscovered curative effect of ultra violet rays; photography.
Fleming, AlexanderPenicillin (in 1929).
HarveyCirculation of blood.
HahnemannHomoeopathy (founder).
Hopkins, Frederick GowlandVitamin D.
JennerSmallpox Vaccination.
KochTubercle Bacillus.
Lister, LordAntiseptic treatment.
Pasteur, LouisTreatment of rabies; cure of hydrophobia.
Ronald RossMalaria Parasite.
Salk, Jonas E.Anti-polio Vaccine.
Simpson and HarrisonChloroform.

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