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Parliaments of Countries

Country Name of the Parliament
Afghanistan Shora
Albania People's Assembly
Algeria National Popular Assembly
Angola National Popular Assembly
Argentina National Congress
Australia Federal Parliament
Austria National Assembly-Bundesversammlung
Bahamas General Assembly
Bangladesh Jatiya Sangshad
Balize National Assembly
Benin National Revolutionary Assembly
Bhutan Tsongdu
Bolivia National Congress
Botswana National Assembly
Brazil National Congress
Britain Parliament (House of Commons and House of Lords)
Bulgaria Narodna Subranie (National Assembly)
Burma (Myanmar) Pyithu Hluttaw
Cambodia National, Assembly
Canada Parliament (House of Commons and Senate)
Cape Verde People's National Assembly
China, Mainland National People Congress
China, National Yuan (National Assembly)
Columbia Congress
Cuba National Assembly of People's Power
Denmark Folketing
Ethiopia Shergo
Egypt People's Assembly
Finland Eduskusta
France National Assembly
Germany (United) Bundestag (Lower House)
Bundestrat (Upper House)
Greenland Landstraad
Guyana National Assembly
Hungary National Assembly
Iceland Althing
India Lok Sabha (Lower House)
Rajya Sabha (Upper-House)
Indonesia People's Consultative Assembly
Iran Majlis
Iraq National Assembly
Ireland Oireachtas or National Parliament
(Dail Eireann: House of Representatives and Seanad Eireann : Senate)
Israel Knesset
Japan Diet
Jordan National Assembly
Kenya National Assembly
Kuwait National Assembly
Laos People's Supreme Assembly
Liberia National Assembly
Libya General People's Congress
Malaysia Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara
Maldives Majlis
Mongolia Great People's Khural
Mozambique People's Assembly
Nepal National Panchayat
The Netherlands The Staten General
New Zealand Parliament (House of Representatives)
Norway Storting
Papus New Guinea National Parliament
Poland Sejm
Retania Grand National Assembly
Senegal National Assembly
Seychelles People's Assembly
Somalia People's Assembly
South Africa House of Assembly
Spain Cortes
Sudan National Assembly
Surinam Staten
Swaziland Liblandia
Sweden Riksdag
Switzerland Federal Assembly
(Nationairat and Standerat Bundesver Sammilung)
Syria People's Council
Tunisia National Assembly
Turkey Grand National Assembly
United States Congress (House of Representatives and Senate)
Vanuatu Representative Assembly
Venezuela National Congress
Vietnam National Assembly
Serbia & montenegro Federal Assembly
Zaire National Legislative Council
Zambia National Assembly

Last updated on: 25/09/2019


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