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Superlatives - World

The Biggest :

Biggest City (in area) Mount Isa, Queensland (Australia) (41,225 sq km)
Biggest Country (in area) Russia
Biggest Dam Grand Be (USA)
Biggest Dome Gol Gumbaz (lndia)
Biggest Irrigation Scheme Llyod Barrage (Pakistan)
Biggest Island Greeland (Renamed Kalaallit Nunaat)
Biggest Library National Kie Library (CIS)
Biggest Museum American Museum of Natural History, New York
Biggest Ocean Pacific
Biggest Palace Vatican (ltaly)
Biggest Planet Jupiter

The Highest :

Highest Airport Lhasa (Tibet)
Highest Dam The Grands (Switzerland)
Highest Mountain Range Himalayas (Asia)
Highest Waterfall Angel (Venezuela)
Highest City Wenchuan (China)
Highest Mountain Peak Everest (Nepal)
Highest Road Leh Nobra Road (India)

The Largest :

Largest Archipelago Indonesia (3,000 islands)
Largest City (population) Tokyo (Japan)
Largest Country (population) China
Largest Dam Grand Coulee-concrete Dam (USA)
Largest Desert Sahara Desert (Africa)
Largest Forest Coniferous forest of Northern CIS
Largest Island Greenland
Largest Lake (Salt Water) Caspian Sea
Largest Mountain Range The Andes (South America)
Largest Railway Platform Kharagpur, West Bengal (lndia)
Largest Sea South China Sea
Largest Temple Angkor Vat (Kampuchea)
Largest Bird Ostrich
Largest Continent Asia
Largest Creature Blue Whale
Largest Delta Sundarbans (lndia)
Largest Electorate India
Largest Gulf Gulf of Mexico
Largest Lake (Fresh Water) Lake Superior (Canada)
Largest Mosque Jama Masjid, Delhi (India)
Largest Peninsula Arabia (Area-3,250,000 sq km)
Largest Satellite Titan (Satellite of Saturn)
Largest Sea Bird Albatross
Largest Zoo Etosha Reserve (South West Africa)

The Longest :

Longest Epic Mahabharata
Longest Platform Kharagpur (India)
Longest River Nile
Longest Mountain Range Andes (South America)
Longest Railway Trans Siberian Railway
Longest Wall Great Wall of China

The Smallest :

Smallest Bird Humming Bird
Smallest Planet Mercury
Smallest Country Vatican City (in area)

The Tallest :

Tallest Animal Giraffe
Tallest Minaret Sultan Hassan Mosque (Egypt)
Tallest Statue Motherland, Volgograd (Russia)
Tallest Fountain Fountain Hills (Arizona)
Tallest Minaret (Free standing) Qutab Minar, Delhi

Miscellaneous :

Fastest Animal The Peregrine Falcon
Coldest Place Polyus Nedostupnosti (in Antarctica)
Hottest Place Azizia (Libya)
Brightest Planet Venus
Fastest Bird Swift
Driest Place Death Valley (California)
Rainiest Place Masynram near Cherrapunji (lndia)
Brightest Star Sirius (also called the Dog Star)

Last updated on: 18/11/2019


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