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Tallest Towers in the world

Rank Name Pinnacle height (meters) YearLocation Notes
1 Tokyo Sky Tree 634 m 2011 Tokyo, Japan Topped out at 18 March 2011
2 Canton Tower 600 m 2010 Guangzhou, China Tallest tower in the world 2009-2011
3 CN Tower 553.33 m 1976 Toronto, Canada Tallest freestanding structure in the world 1975-2007, tallest structure in the western hemisphere.
4 Ostankino Tower 540.1 m 1967 Moscow, Russia Tallest freestanding structure in the world, 1967-1975, tallest in Europe.
5 Oriental Pearl Tower 468.0 m 1994 Shanghai, China Tallest structure in China, 1994-2007.
6 Milad Tower 435 m 2007 Tehran, Iran Tallest structure in Iran since 2007
7 Menara Kuala Lumpur 421 m 1994 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8 Tianjin Radio and Television Tower 415.2 m 1991 Tianjin, China
9 Central Radio and TV Tower 405 m 1992 Beijing, China
10 Kiev TV Tower 385 m 1973Kiev, Ukraine Tallest freestanding lattice tower in the world
11 Tashkent Tower 374.9 m 1985 Tashkent, Uzbekistan Tallest structure in Central Asia
12 Liberation Tower 372 m 1996 Kuwait City, Kuwait Clad in ceramics
13 Almaty Tower 371.5 m 1983 Almaty, Kazakhstan
14 Riga Radio and TV Tower 368.5 m 1987 Riga, Latvia Tallest structure in the European Union.
15 Berliner Fernsehturm 368 m 1969 Berlin, Germany Tallest structure in Germany.
Last updated on: 20/09/2019

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