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Banking & Economy

Banking Awareness
Origin of the word "Bank" Bank Slogans
Types of Accounts Credits Creation in Bank
Bank Terminology World Bank
List of World Bank Presidents
What is Money ? Types of Money
Functions of Money
Important Notes Indian Currency
Security Printing and Minting
Banking in India
Important in Exams Types of Banks in India
List of Banks
Reserve Bank of India
Facts of RBI Introduction to RBI
Boards of RBI Legal Framework/Acts governing by RBI
Main Functions of RBI Subsidiaries of RBI
Budget Key highlights of Economic Survey 2019-20
Summary of Union Budget 2020-21 Key highlights of Union Budget 2020-21
Budget 2020 New Schemes & Announcements
Planning - World & India
Planning Human Development Index
National Income
Insurance History of Life Insurance in India
History of General Insurance in India Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority(IRDA)
Insurance companies in India Important notes on Insurance
Stock Exchange
Stock Exchange and Types National Stock Exchange(NSE) of India
Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) of India Regional Stock Exchanges(RSE) of India
List of World Exchanges Important Points
Taxation(should update)
Taxation in India
Committee / Commissions
Finance Commission Committee / Commissions
Socio-Economic sectors
Industries Agriculture
Economic issues
Inflation Unemployment
Poverty Population
Fiscal Policy
Fiscal Policy
International Organizations
IDA - International Development Association IFC - International Finance Corporation
IMF - International Monetary Fund International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
MIGA - Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency ADB - Asian Development Bank
WTO - World Trade Organization World Economic Forum
Other International Institutions / Organizations


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