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November 2019 - Environment

  • The new signal fish was found in Lakshadweep sea off Kerala coast, which is the home for unusual species like fish with a unique color. The name of the species is “Pteropsaron Indicum” and was collected by trawlers at a depth of 70 meters during a marine biodiversity survey. Scientists have described the discovery as the first one of the genus recorded in Indian waters.

  • The Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Dr. P K Mishra on 04 November, 2019 reviewed measures taken by the States of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi to tackle air pollution. Dr. Mishra sought to know the details of additional measures taken to check fresh cases of fire and stubble burning in these States during the last 24 hours.

    The Chief Secretary, Punjab is personally monitoring the situation with Deputy Commissioners of various districts where hotspots have been identified. FIRs are also being registered for violation and taking strict action by enforcing the necessary fines for incidents of the violation. The Chief Secretary, Haryana informed the Chief Minister has directed all concerned to reduce the cases of stubble burning in the State at the earliest.

  • The Odd-Even Scheme to combat air pollution was implemented in the National Capital from 4 Nov 2019. The 12-day scheme will continue till 15th Nov 2019. Under the scheme, the vehicles with odd last digit registration number will be allowed on roads on odd dates and those with even last digit will be allowed on even dates. Violating the rule will incur a fine of four thousand rupees.

  • India will put forward the demand for clean technology at affordable cost and liberal financing from developed countries to developing countries during the forthcoming Madrid Meeting on Climate Change.

    India being on track to fulfill its commitment given at Paris on the issues like emission intensity reduction, share of renewable power in India’s power-mix and other issues such as increasing the forest cover. He also pointed out the need to make behavioural change in the public for which public awareness and participation is needed.

    The Minister also called upon the developed world to provide clean technology not for making a profit but at cost price to spread the new technology. Developing world suffers from climatic change the most and the developed world should provide financial aid as promised.



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