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World - General Knowledge :

World (First, Wonders, Languages, Religions, etc)
First in the World Wonders of the World Countries of the World
Major Languages of the World Religions (Founder, Sacred books & Places) International Boundary Lines
Countries - Capitals and Currencies
Asian countries European countries African countries
North American countries South American countries Oceania countries
Countries (Parliaments, Symbols)
Dependencies of the Countries Parliaments of Countries Symbols of Countries
Cities (Riverside cities, Changed names, etc)
World Riverside Cities India Riverside Cities Changed Names of Cities, States and Countries
Heritage Sites - World & India
World Heritage Sites in India World - Famous Sites India - Famous Sites
Superlatives of World (Largest, Biggest, Highest, Smallest, Longest, etc..)
Superlatives - World Highest Mountain Peaks Highest Volcanoes
Highest Waterfalls of the World Largest Deserts World - Deserts
Largest Islands Largest Seas Largest Lakes - Natural
Deepest Sea Trenches Longest Rivers Biggest Man - Made Lakes
Largest Countries  Smallest Countries Tallest Buildings in the World
Tallest Towers in the World Tallest Statues Top Most Populous Cities
Inventions and Discoveries
Geographical Inventions and Discoveries Physics and Chemistry Mechanical Inventions and Discoveries
Medical Inventions and Discoveries Scientific Discoveries
Eminent Scientists
Scientists - World Scientists -India
International Organizations
The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) The Commonwealth of Nations European Union
SAARC Other International Organisations Head Quarters - International Organisations
International Treaties & Agreements
The United Nations
United Nations at Glance History of United Nations Preamble of the United Nations Charter
Purpose, Principles and Membership Organs of the UN Specialised Agencies of the UN
Programmes and Funds of UN UNO International Decades UNO International Years
Human Rights
Sports and Games
National Sports and Games Cups and Trophies Associated with Sports and Games Places Associated with Sports and Games
Grounds of Sports and Games Number of Players in Famous Sports Sports - Measurements
Olympic Games Commonwealth Games Asian Games
South Asian Federation (SAF) Games Facts and Terminology
Solar System
Solar System Planets of Solar System The Earth
Important Days National Days of Countries Books and Authors
Important Abbreviations


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